Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th

Yesterday it rained and poured so it was a good day to soak in the jacuzzi on my veranda and listen to bird sounds. Occasionally a hummingbird would come to get nectar from the lavender blossoms on the railing. I heard four loud squalking green parrots but still no Tucan. In the afternoon I went to Ecotermales and had the five soaking mineral pools to myself. They vary from temperature from warm to hottest, ending with the hot one at the top with a waterfall that you can put your head and neck under for a water massage. While taking a cool shower I noticed an iguana which really looked like a turquoise dragon. I met a family from Wales who was visiting there son (and uncle) who is doing sea turtle mission work on the Caribbean coast. La Tortuga In the evening I went to La Fortuna to buy Costa Rican coffee for souvenirs. Elaine and I went to Lava Lounge for dinner, a fun and funky American owned bar and grill and enjoyed fajitas, mojitos and iced teas with the other European and American tourists. We checked out Tabacon hot springs which is a hot and raging stream/river where people soak and drink cocktails while listening to Latin American music. The foliage around the river is very primeval, again reminding me of Jurasic Park. Today it is not raining and I may do a sky trek!

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