Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14th

I have had a great time in Costa Rica, despite and sometimes because of the rain. Hanging out in the hot springs in Ecotermales while cool drops of rain come down on your head, the quick rain shower on the skytrek, walking on the hanging bridges and hearing howler monkeys that sound like loud huffing dogs while tepid rain pelted me. I love waking up to the sound of green macaws and or going to sleep with frog mating calls which are incredibly loud and diverse. I hope I spot the Tucans before I leave for San Jose early tomorrow taking the long winding roads, and then fly back to New York. The people at The Lost Iguana Resort have made my trip wonderful. From the guys (Herman, Otto and Gerardo) that drive you around in golf carts to the girls at reception, (Mari, Michelle) the managers (Roseo, Johanna), Maribel from the gift shop, the spa girls - Tatiana and Gina, and of course hands-on owner - and most gracious host - Elaine, to the friendly eco-minded guests, thanks for a trip of a life time! To read a more comprehensive article on my new "home away from home" - check out in two weeks.- Georgette

Yesterday it didn't rain and the sun came out. I went on a hike around the Arenal Volcano with nature guide Johnny Paloma from The hike was flat for the first hour and a half. The trail wound around the base of Arenal and through a new jungle forest. Only 40 years old because of the big volcanic eruption which wiped out the immediate area in 1968. In the jungle we saw and heard birds, a mama turkey and her chicks, and a long billed hermit hummingbird. We met a couple of guys who were very excited about seeing the white faced or Capuchin monkeys. We probably would have missed them if it weren't for those two.

Today it was raining in the morning so I thought my sky treking experience would be canceled. Part of me was secretly hoping! Well it cleared up and I reluctantly boarded the van for my next adventure. I was with Jeff, a doctor from Laguna Beach, California and Jessica and Graham, a honeymooning couple from New York City. We were all joking in the van, but we were all a little nervous about zipping over 200 meters of jungle on a cable! We arrived at Sky Trek at 9am and there was only a small group of 8, an advantage of going off season. We soon were geared up, signed on the dotted line and took off in the tram. We were told we could try the first two easy ziplines and if it wasn't for us, we could take the tram back, aka "the chicken walk"! I knew I was in deep and Johnny would never let me off the hook, so I did it. I have to say, it was one of the best things I ever have done!! REALLY!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th

Yesterday it rained and poured so it was a good day to soak in the jacuzzi on my veranda and listen to bird sounds. Occasionally a hummingbird would come to get nectar from the lavender blossoms on the railing. I heard four loud squalking green parrots but still no Tucan. In the afternoon I went to Ecotermales and had the five soaking mineral pools to myself. They vary from temperature from warm to hottest, ending with the hot one at the top with a waterfall that you can put your head and neck under for a water massage. While taking a cool shower I noticed an iguana which really looked like a turquoise dragon. I met a family from Wales who was visiting there son (and uncle) who is doing sea turtle mission work on the Caribbean coast. La Tortuga In the evening I went to La Fortuna to buy Costa Rican coffee for souvenirs. Elaine and I went to Lava Lounge for dinner, a fun and funky American owned bar and grill and enjoyed fajitas, mojitos and iced teas with the other European and American tourists. We checked out Tabacon hot springs which is a hot and raging stream/river where people soak and drink cocktails while listening to Latin American music. The foliage around the river is very primeval, again reminding me of Jurasic Park. Today it is not raining and I may do a sky trek!

Monday, May 11, 2009

pool at Lost Iguana Resort

Scarlet Tanager

Waterfall at Hanging Bridges

Today and yesterday it has been raining quite a bit. Even though it is the start of the rainy season, this is more than usual, according to the locals. During breaks of sun the birds come out and even when it rains you can hear all different types of calls and songs. I saw a pair of blue Macaws and some gorgeous red birds. Yesterday I took advantage of the lovely spa at the Lost Iguana Resort with Balinese sculptures and hand carved lizard doors. I had the "rainy day special" which was a scrub with mango sugar and then a cocoon steam with a honey mask and killer massage. It took overs two hours and I was extremely relaxed. This morning I headed up the hill with Johnny Paloma, the resident naturalist and traversed 15 hanging bridges! At times the rain came down hard, but my poncho kept me and my camera dry. In the distance we heard loud Howler monkeys and close by heard the call of the elusive poison dart frog, which is red with blue legs, also called the "blue jean frog". Tonight I am hanging out with owner Elaine and assistant manager Johanna in the hot pool, even if it rains. Lost Iguana is a home away from home and I know I will be back. Did I mention the ranchero chicken soup with hot chiles and an egg on top?